Are coins awarded between races in a Grand Prix


A follow-up question from here. The main question is:

Are coins saved to your account at the end of the race, or at the end of a Grand Prix, in Mario Kart 8 (or every Mario Kart, for that matter)

'We' always talk about coins awarded every race, because then it is determined how much you should earn, but is it also saved at that moment to your account?

For example, you collect 10 coins in race 1, 5 in race 2. Half-way during race 3 you have 7 coins, but I remember the pizza in the oven is done, and I have to eat. Because I can't play MK8 during pizza eating, I quit the game from the in-game menu, and turn off the Wii U. How much coins do I have extra then:

  • 0, because the GP isn't finished
  • 15, because that is the amount of coins collected in finished races
  • 22, because that is the amount of coins collected in finished races and the amount I have in this race

In the first two cases, rage quitting would not result in a lower coin amount, but the third option will. However, the third option would be exploitable, by starting a GP (with 5 coins) and quit immediately. Of course it is more fun by playing, but this way coin grinding is a lot faster (and you need 10000 coins for the Gold Glider

Best Answer

Of the three options presented, the second one (15 coins) is how it to works. As stated by @Brian's answer in the linked question (emphasis mine):

The number of coins added to your total is the number of coins that each local player has at the end of each race.

I can confirm this through my efforts to achieve gold on every single Mirror Grand Prix. When I quit the race after the second or third track (Usually due to the dirty cheatin' CPUs), and still being awarded periodic coin-related kart parts. That rules out situation 1 (0 coins).

Situation 3 (22 coins) is ruled out by my efforts to beat the staff ghost on a couple of tracks where it's nearly impossible to get a time on the leading edge of the bell curve unless you race perfectly. Despite restarting a few dozen times (not counting the failed starting boosts), no amount of coin collecting in those aborted time-trials resulted in kart part unlocks when I eventually needed to quit out to the start menu to cool my head.