Are inventory slots shared


Are the inventories between my exosuit, starship and exocraft shared?

If I want to craft an item in my exosuit inventory and I have parts spread across all three inventories will the game know this and pull the items it needs, assuming they're in range.

Or do I have to transfer items from my exocraft to my suit, then to my ship or vice versa?

Best Answer

I decided to test this for myself, and placed some iron into my Starship. My Exosuit had no iron on it whatsoever. I attempted to craft a Carite Sheet, and it allowed me to do so. As expected, the iron that was within my starship was now gone.

It appears then that having supplies scattered across different inventories will still allow you to craft something in your exosuit, so long as you are close enough. If you are out of range of whichever craft has the items you need, you won't be able to craft it unless you get closer (the item will be grayed out in the crafting menu). As said in the comments, I believe this is how the game has always been, but it's been a while since I've played it, so I decided to try for myself to be sure.