Are mangled items any good


So for various reasons my dwarves just fought off two Forgotten Beasts at once while a goblin siege looked on. One of the Beasts knocked over some doors on the way in, so I have a bunch of mangled XXdoorsXX and mechanisms. Surprisingly it seems I can use them like regular doors etc, even though they've been trampled by some beasts from the deeps. Is this a terrible idea? I get that good mechanisms are important for weapon traps, but is there anything else that I need them for?

Best Answer

Like most things, quality affects how other dwarves perceive value from items, including doors, windows, and most other things.

As far as I know, there is not a negative value modifier for things below regular quality. That would mean that your mangled doors are perfectly serviceable - they just won't make any nearby dwarves stop and ponder: "Damn. That is a fine, door!" anymore.

Depending on the original door quality, they may not have been doing that in the first place.