Are some items only available through “event” missions


Playing the standard promotion missions, I pretty much get the same set of items every time.

For example, in Weapon Promotion Tier 3, I get the Riot Gun, Electro Sword, and Blast Rifle all the time. However, I can't find the blaster frame (also a tier 3). It could just be that I need to play that mission a whole bunch more, but its making me wonder:

Are some items only available in the "event" (ie Weapons Wednesday) missions, even though their tier is available in the standard missions? The in-game help suggests some cards can only be achieved by playing in the Arena, but mentions characters specifically (not promotion items).

To be super clear, is there any Tier 1,2, or 3 item that is not given though the standard promotion missions? Obviously Tier 4 and 5 items are going to be difficult to get unless you go through the event missions.

Best Answer

Sabaac Cards and the Medal of Alderaan are only in Arena Crates, so I'd say it's really rare since arena crates now only go up to Tier 3.