Are there any items to get use of the ability Contrary


As Malamar is only weak to two types, it would be good to give him some Leftovers. But as this item is already been hold by another Pokémon of mine – and I don't want to take items twice – I'm searching for another item.

I would like to get his ability Contrary to use. So if a stat of Malamar is being increased, it's decreased instead – and vice-versa.

So I started asking myself how I can get advantage of Contrary. Are there any items that decrease a stat every round for example? Or a compareable item like Weakness Policy that instead decreases stats on event? Or are there better options?

My question is: Which items are best to use with Contrary?

Best Answer

The only negative items are Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, Sticky Barb, Iron Ball and Ring Target, but none of these lowers a stat every round in battle.

Iron Ball actually reduces a Pokemon's speed by 50%, but it won't trigger Contrary ability.