Are there any unique rewards from Cucco Run endless mode


In Hyrule's Kakariko Village, there is a cucco-dodging minigame called Cucco Run. I've already earned the heart piece that you can get by beating Rooster mode, but I haven't completed Endless mode yet. The proprietress tells me that there's a reward for surpassing 100 seconds, but I don't particularly feel like trying over and over to beat it unless it's something that I can't earn any other way.

Are there any items that I can only obtain by beating Endless mode, or is there some other compelling reason to keep trying to beat it?

Best Answer

For every 100 seconds you get 100 rupees. Only the last one (999+) is different:

100 /100 Rupees

200 /200 Rupees

300 /300 Rupees

400 /400 Rupees

500 /500 Rupees

600 /600 Rupees

700 /700 Rupees

800 /800 Rupees

999 /3000 Rupees and a Giant Cucco