Are there requirements to build certain public works


Is there any kind of requirement for public works to be suggested by villagers? Something like X days into the game? Certain town rate? 2nd floor of museum?

I'm currently working on getting the 2nd floor of museum, and I've tried all the tricks people suggest over the internet, even the ones shown in videos working but none have worked for me yet. I was kind of wondering if it was because my town right now has only 8 villagers (one of them moved out) or because my villagers aren't happy enough with the town or because I haven't built the 2nd floor of the museum or what. I've been playing over one month now, and I can't get any requests. I need help.

Here is a list of what I've built so far:

  • First bridge (doesn't count)
  • Dream suite
  • 2 street lights
  • camping site
  • fountain (the first one you get)
  • water well
  • yellow bench (it was on the list already)

So I hope someone can help me out with this…

Best Answer

The only requirement is that they give it to you (random) and, for some projects, that the villager is of the right personality type. The AC Wikia has the list of projects and which villagers request them.