Borderlands – Do Melee Override skills benefit from +melee damage


For Melee Override skills such as Maya's Scorn, do melee damage enhancements like badass ranks, melee damage skills, melee mods, melee relics and +melee damage weapons increase its damage?

Best Answer

Override skills such as Scorn are not affected by the following +Melee Damage bonuses:

  • +50% Melee Damage weapon statistic (Tested with Bad Touch Flakker)
  • +% Melee Damage Relic (Tested with +23% Melee Damage "Strength Relic")
  • +% Damage by Brand Relic while wielding a gun of that brand (Tested with +24% Maliwan Damage "Allegiance Relic")
  • Roid Damage (Tested with Bandit "Slo Maylay Shield" with 13k Roid Damage)
  • Amp Damage (Tested with Hyperion "The Bee" with 49k Amp Damage)

(All tests done as a Level 50 Maya with Scorn; Scorn dealt 722 damage per beam on every test. Melee damage Badass Ranks and +% Melee Damage talents untested as I have no available Tokens and Maya has no talents with +% Melee Damage.)