Borderlands – Will an item that gives ‘fire resistance’ lessen the damage that Krieg the Psycho gets from self-immolation


I got a Skin of the Ancients relic that has a 'Fire Resistance +26.1%' effect:
enter image description here

If I'm playing as Krieg the Psycho and spec'ed into the Hellborn skill tree, will I get less fire/burn damage if I set myself on fire with this relic equipped?

What about adaptive shields like the Neogenator or Evolution? Will setting one's self on fire trigger the adaptive shields to resist fire element damage? Will it lessen the fire/burn damage I get if I set myself on fire?

This post from the Gearbox Software forums state that "the adaptive shield does help reduce the [burn] effect." Can anyone confirm this?

Best Answer

Yes, it will. I used to take 50 damage a second without a relic. with it (50% fire damage reduction) I only take 20 damage a second.