Can the long range scope be found at non-military locations


I know that the long range scope for the mosin is quite rare and is very likely to be found at military locations (baracks, tents, police departments, ACTs).
However I dislike going to these locations alone as I consider them to be dangerous and they are often looted anyway.

Can I find the long range scope at other locations and where?

Best Answer

I probably shouldn't be telling you this but here it goes. I find the best place to look is Zelenogorsk. It has military, lots of civ and also lots of storage lockers. Some people do go there but it seems to be much less popular than other places for some reason, maybe because it is on the other side of the map where people are spawning right now. I have found the long range scope in a storage locker one time. other times they have been in jails or barracks. It seems as though they got even more rare two patches ago.