Can the Success Chance be cheesed


I am trying to earn the "The Reform through Education Initiative" grant. To do that, at least one prisoner must pass, not just finish, the "General Education Qualification" course. This is already hard to achieve since it is a much more difficult course than its pre-requirement, and the prisoners who are qualified are usually released before they can sign up.

At the moment, I have a single prisoner enrolled in the course, and his Sucess Chance is lower than the tenth percentile. What I am hoping will work is an idea that I have to cheese the system.

If I were to save the prison right before the course ended, and then reload the prison if the prison hadn't passed, then I would be able to get the grant significantly sooner than if I were to wait for another prisoner to qualify just to have another low chance at passing.

I am not sure if "soft resetting" will work in this case. Before I waste a long time farming for this one prisoner to pass, I would like to know if this method is even feasible, or if the game is hardwired to fail the prisoner if the Sucess Chance is lower than a certain threshold.

Is this a viable method?

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