Can your buddy die in MGS 5: TPP


I've tried searching for this, but was unfortunate. Can your buddies die during missions?

If so – do they die permanently and am I banned from using them in the future? I saw a Tweet (I suppose it was a Tweet) from Hideo saying that they do die permanently, but it was before the game rolled out and I'm wondering how true was that. I do not mean getting killed during any missions (plot kills), if there are any.

I kind of don't want to try this out myself, maybe someone already had this?

Best Answer

During one of my attempts at Mission 29, D-Walker was destroyed - so in D-Walker's case atleast, he can be killed.

Thanks to the comments from @Dupree3 and @twobugs I can provide more complete information:

  • 'living' Buddies are Fulton extracted once they hit a damage threshold
  • D-walker will not be extracted but can be destroyed - it is then rebuilt.
  • When a Buddy takes significant damage, your bond level with them decreases.
  • Buddies are not permanently killed or permanently destroyed.