Can’t go downstairs in Nethack


I have recently started playing Nethack (ie. an hour ago) and I know just about nothing more than Elbereth and commands. I have looked everywhere for the command to go down stairs to the next level but all I find is > and when I press that I am told

There is a staircase down here.

This is not much help. It's not that I can't find the stairways, (I know about secret passages), I just can't get down them!

Best Answer

The right command to go down stairs is >, normally accessed as Shift+..

However, in your case the keyboard layout Nethack is using does not currently correspond to what you actually see on your keyboard. You will need to adjust the layout using the options stored in defaults.nh or specifically on the command line.

My version of defaults.nh has a number of keyboard handling options:

# Keyboard handling
# Different keyboard handlers can be loaded.
# Default is nhdefkey.dll but you can override that.
# Ray Chason's keyboard handler
# OPTIONS=altkeyhandler:nhraykey.dll
# NetHack 3.4.0 keyboard handling
# OPTIONS=altkeyhandler:nh340key.dll

# number_pad option can have an optional value of 0 (off), 1 (on), 
# or 2(on,legacy-mode) which causes 5='g', alt-5='G', alt-0='I'

# Note: the rest_on_space in the next line may not be
#       appropriate for a beginning NetHack player, since
#       it could result in use of a turn unintentionally.
#       If you're new to NetHack, leave it commented it out.

# Finnish keyboards might need these modifications uncommented. 
# For  \, @, $, [, |