Check how many of that item I have while shopping


Absolutely love the game but there are some tedious bits in the menu here and there that do annoy me.

One of the bigger ones is when I am in a shop menu and say the merchant has lots of alchemy items but of course off the top of my head I haven't got a clue if I already have these items or not.

Ideally I would like to hover over a merchant's item and see some counter like "In inventory: x" and if that x is 0, buy a few to make sure I've got a bit of everything.

Unless I'm being completely blind, I don't believe the game has this. So is there any way to do something similar in this game?

Best Answer

There isn't any way to see how much you have when looking at the merchant's item.

About the only thing in this area is the ability to 'pin' a crafting recipe or diagram which will then show you if the merchant has any of the required items.