Civilization – How to do if a city-state requests the support


I'm in a game where Catherine's empire has grown to enormous proportions and started to attack city-states. When she attacked Dublin, which I was befriended with and which I depended on for food at the time, Dublin "requested my assistance." This was a good opportunity to declare war, which I was already preparing for. So I wiped out Catherine's units in and around Dublin. I have not received any thanks for it though, on the contrary, I was accused of trespassing in Dublin and the friendship ended rather soon.

I also remember supporting a city-state with unit gifts in a different game, which had zero effect as well.

What should I do to aid city-states in a war against other civilizations? Do I have to wipe out the entire opposing empire before my help is acknowledged?

Best Answer

I accomplished this once. Some things I remember:

  • I had to weaken/kill off some particular number of units, 5 maybe?
  • I think I had to do that fairly close to the city state.
  • Once I did, they were my allies for a LONG time after. The relations boost was substantial.

You might have missed something else entirely. I know in the case of barbarian missions you must be the one to finally KILL the units, weakening them in any amount is simply ignored. Maybe that applies here?

On another note, gifting units provides only a minor boost in relations, nothing compared to fulfilling any request or any gift of gold. You should not bother unless you really don't want the unit you are gifting. (I let military city-states spawn units for me always, and simply give them right back if I don't need them.)