Civilization – How to run two instances of Civ 5 on the same computer (ports conflict when playing LAN)


I have two copies of civ 5, and I am using a program called SoftXPand to have a multiseat setup. Both copies of civ 5 run fine, but when I try to connect to the other in the Local Network it says "error connecting to multiplayer session" . I am able to connect to another computer in the network though. So I assume this is a problem with a port conflict. Does anyone have any way I can get this to work?

Best Answer

You might have already figured this out, but I have an explanation.

If you only have one wireless (or Ethernet) card in your computer, you will only have ONE IP address.

Both instances are trying to use the same address, and this is leading to your "kicking" issue - they are trying to override one-another.

You could purchase a second card (let me know how that works, I'm a bit curious), or changing the port one of your instances runs out of.

Hope this helps!