Clash-of-clans – In Clan Wars, what would happen if both clans get full stars (100% destruction)


With the introduction of the new tie breaker, if the amount of stars is the same it will compare the average of the destruction % of best attacks. But what would happen if, for example, both clans get full stars (which is 100% average destruction for both clans)?

Best Answer

Average destruction is rarely ever tied, as the number goes up to four numbers, two on the right and left of the decimal. But assuming that the destruction averages are the same, it will be a draw as sourced from the Clash of Clans Wiki:

Should both clans deal the same amount of stars and total destruction, the war will be considered a draw. This, however can be considered rare, as total destruction dealt is different in each attack and hardly sync with the enemy clan.

So draws are possible... but much,much less likely.