Complete list of maps and modes for anti-air vehicles


I want to make progress with anti-air vehicles but I don't have the complete list of maps and modes for anti-air vehicles.

Bonus points for an answer that includes all platforms.

Best Answer

As of my experience, it is best to play and unlock upgrades in conquest large mode, since in these modes you will be able to find lots of air crafts to destroy.

Maps and spawn location:(these are conquest large unless specified)

  • Seige of Shanghai: Has 2 MAA in Obliteration mode.
  • Paracel Storm: 1 MAA, located at B
  • Operation Locker: No MAA, no aircraft either.
  • Flood Zone: MAA only in rush mode.
  • Golmud Railway: 1 MAA per team
  • Dawnbreaker: 1 MAA per team
  • Hainan Resort: 1 MAA per team
  • Lancang Dam: 1 MAA per team
  • Rougue Transmission: One MAA will spawn at C after capture, one MAA per team (CQ Large and Obliteration)
  • Zavod 331: 1 MAA per team

A word of advice, if you are looking for fast unlocks, when searching for a server type in keyword "instant" or "fast", and look for those that have "instant/fast vehicle respawns", the lowest it can be set at is 25% of normal respawn time, the lower the better. If you manage to get into an MAA on those servers you will feel like air crafts never stop coming.

Best maps for MAA:

  • Golmud Railway: High visibility, no cover for air crafts
  • Paracel Storm: High visibility, some cover for air crafts, risk being destroyed by c4
  • Lancang Dam: High visibility, no cover for air crafts

PS: I play on PC, but I am almost certain that they are the same for consoles.