Damage from D.VA’s Mech


With the changes to D.VA in the most recent patch, I've been noticing some strange things (or perhaps I'm imagining it, hence my question). This is from the perspective of another character, in my case, Symmetra.

Does D.VA's mechsuit damage you when it loses all health, and D.VA ejects out?

How much damage does D.VA's mechsuit do when she calls in a new one? Is there a difference in damage between being on the ground when hit, or in the air?

Best Answer

D.Va's mech suit being destroyed does no damage to surrounding enemies- it is merely removed from the game and control is transferred to the z-suit Hana pilot.

When she summons a new mech, it deals 50 damage to anyone caught in the path of the mech. There does not appear to be any fall-off or splash damage, it is merely a 50 damage hit.

This is something I can come back to with evidence when not at work if necessary.