Diablo – Are +maximum damage and +minimum damage enchantments factored into weapon DPS


For weapons that have +x minimum damage and/or +x maximum damage such as the Longshot, is the increase in damage already factored into the DPS that's displayed for the weapon?

As an example:

  1. Weapon 1 is has +1 minimum damage and +2 maximum damage enchantments, and is listed as having 35 DPS in the tooltip.
  2. Weapon 2 has no enchantments and also shows 35 DPS in the tooltip.

Does weapon 1 do more damage than weapon 2 because the enchantments aren't factored into the DPS calculation, or are they equal in DPS?

Best Answer

Yes, they are. The easiest way to check this is to find a weapon with a socket, since you can manually add +min and +max enchantements to them. Now add a Ruby to it (enhances damage by a certain range). You will see the DPS go up in the item tooltip.

Also, it worked the same way in Diablo 2, so it's likely that they simply just left it the way it was.