Diablo – Cluster Arrow+Loaded For Bear=low dps, what should i do


Every time I use Cluster Arrow with the Loaded for Bear rune, my DPS drops from 41K to 16K. what is happening and what should I do?

Best Answer

While consecutive rune unlocks are generally upgrades, the actual difference is relative to the situation you use it in. Consider a level 70 player:

  • Cluster Arrow deals up to 1100% base damage as fire to a target location.

  • Dazzling Arrow deals up to 1100% base damage as lightning to a target location, and also applies the stun effect.The stun effect will only have an impact on DPS if you have any abilities that amplify or impart damage if an enemy is stunned, or if you are otherwise being hindered in your ability to damage the enemy by the enemy's attacks. You will likely have a higher DPS against enemies that freeze with attack, for example, as you will be able to stun them to limit being frozen.

  • Shooting Stars deals up to 1800% base damage as physical.

  • Maelstrom deals up to 2250% base damage as cold, and heals you for every enemy hit. Healing has almost no effect on DPS. Consider that you might have an item that gives you guaranteed critical hits at below 20% health, and that the healing could potentially bring you out of that automatic critical buff, reducing your expected damage output.

  • Cluster Bombs drops a bombing line of explosives, each dealing 525% base damage as fire. You will likely find this rune a lot less effective against smaller groups of enemies, as most of the bombs along the line will probably miss the target. This will be far more useful against larger clusters of enemies, or larger bosses, where you can ensure maximum grenades hit an enemy along the line.

  • Loaded for Bear increases the initial impact, giving you a potential 1320% base damage in fire against an enemy.

Taking the element into account goes a long way, given you can have buffs to damage of a certain element, and certain enemies are strong against a particular element.

Looking at the comparisons, Loaded for Bear is only giving you a more powerful, condensed, fire attack. Unless you are in a situation where fire is most favorable, you could expect a better damage output from pretty much every other rune, excluding Dazzling Arrow.

Numbers taken from the battle.net entry for Cluster Arrow.