Diablo – How should I distribute the bonus points with the Paladin at level up


In Diablo 2, how should I use the bonus points at time of level up for my Paladin? I haven't been putting much into mana since I usually use an active skill for defense or attack. I stick with using my weapon instead of using his magic skills as well. My health gets depleted rather quickly so I don't know if it's an armor/resistance thing, or if I'm not putting the right points where they need to go.

Best Answer

This depends highly on what you want your paladin to do in the late game.

In almost all cases, you want to hit the 75% block after holy shield (max block) by putting enough dex to get to that point.

For smiters and hammerdins, you'll need the minimum strength requirement to wear all the gear you plan to wear. Any points left over should be dumped into vitality (though its arguable for a poorly equipped hammerdin to get some energy).

If you plan to go melee oriented, such as a zealer or charger, you'll want some strength instead of all vitality (its a balancing act) for more damage.

For both smiters and zealers, it helps a lot if you can find yourself a cheap wand has charges of life tap). Putting it on bosses and large groups greatly increases survivability. You can try searching shops for one pretty easily (I think on nightmare but its been a while).