Diablo – How should I invest the money once I hit 60


Once I hit 60 kill Diablo on Hell and invest all my money in an affordable level 60 equipment, how should I invest my new money?

I have (partly) invested in the following, but everything needs improvement:

  • Jeweler
  • Blacksmith
  • Stash space

There are also the following possibilities:

  • Better items, although they start at 100 k each.
  • Recipes (Jeweler, Blacksmith)
  • Items from Blacksmith
  • Better Gems

Basically I know my options but I do not know how to optimally invest my money.

Best Answer

As Emerica said in the comments, Crafters are changing in the upcoming patch, (1.0.3) so they are not the best way to invest your money at the moment.

Saving your money up to buy gear on the auction house, while farming for gear.

Farming for gear pre 1.0.3 you will want to spend time in Act 3/4 of Hell, rather than act 1 of Inferno.

Once 1.0.3 comes, you can start farming in Act 1 of Inferno and start getting good gear. As well as acts 2+ being revamped in the future.

A lot of this info is sourced from this post: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6262208/Patch_103_Design_Preview-6_6_2012#blog

Once the real money auction house goes live (currently projected to be 06/12/12) you can always sell some of your gold for real money if that interests you.