Diablo – How to calculate bonus damage to skills in Diablo 3


When I equip an item that grants an additional bonus damage to a particular skill (i.e. a 2H Bow that gives +10% damage to Witch Doctor's Fire Bats), I do not see that bonus damage reflected in the character sheet DPS.

Because I cannot visually see the damage increase, it got me wondering whether or not the calculation was a straight forward increase (damage * 110%) or if there was a much more complicated formula that would result in a lower than expected actual damage output when using the skill.

Best Answer

This will not increase dps in the character sheet as it doesn't show you this skill does that much dps and the other one deals that much dps.

When you equip an item with an affix, let's say +10% dmg to Bola Shot which deals 130% weapon dmg before the bonus. After you equip the item with the affix Bola Shot will be calculated as a 140% weapon dmg.

Your DPS in the character sheet is calculated with attack dmg, attack speed, crit dmg, crit chance. I do not have any source linking to this, just the math I did.