Diablo – n onscreen way I can tell gruesome feast is working


I recently unlocked the passive ability gruesome feast. It states:

Whenever you are healed by a health globe, you gain 10% of your maximum Mana and 10% Intelligence for 10 seconds. The Intelligence bonus can stack up to 5 times.

However, whenever I get a health globe, nothing seems to happen. I'm used to other similar abilities showing stacks where "buffs" are normally displayed. Is this not the case with gruesome feast? Is there an onscreen way to see that I'm getting the buff, or do I have to take it on faith? (or am I just doing it wrong ?)

Best Answer

There is no visible buff, the only way to see that it is working is to look at your character sheet. You will be able to see your intelligence and DPS at the buffed level, and then see it drop again when the effect wears off.