Diablo – When do I start finding gems


I'm about halfway through Act 1, but I haven't found a single gem yet. This seems strange to me since in diablo 2 gems could drop from the very first monster you killed.

At what point do I start getting gems?

Bonus points if you can include why it was changed so monsters don't drop gems from the start 🙂

Best Answer

I found both my first socketed item and my first gem in Act II after I

killed Magdha.

However, both @Sterno and @OrigamiRobot found gems before the activity above - so far, it seems Act II is the only real concrete limitation so far.

However, both OrigamiRobot and @Resorath confirm a similar experience (a gem dropping off the activity above). It seems that a gem will always drop from said mob. It does not seem a socketed item drop is guaranteed, though.

It's a few more quests until you find the Jewelry Artisan, Covetous Shen, but it is shortly thereafter in the same Act. You can find gems before him, and before the activity above.