Disappearing Butler in The Sexy Brutale


In the Sexy Brutale, at about 4, I followed a butler in a corridor below the surveillance room.

The corridor ends in a room, with no other exit than the corridor I'm in.

The butler walks in, and then just, disappear. The sound says it walks to a corner and then, he's gone. The door is a special one, I can't spy through it; There's no way to hide in the room.

So where is that butler going?

Best Answer

I'm not sure this is considered a spoiler as I realized it through observation fairly early on.

Every time you notice one of the casino staff (the "butlers") vanish, it's in a room that has no keyhole. All of these rooms also contain a mirror.

Late in the game, you find out that there's an area accessed through the mirrors. The casino staff go there after they commit the murders they're responsible for.

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