Do gnomes kill other gnomes? If so, how


I ran across a strange situation. I was looking at a gnome who had not been very helpful in a recent combat, and realized that there was a Kill entry for a gnome in his list. How did my one gnome kill my other gnome?

Maybe I need to create a focus group to train these fighters that there is good touch and bad touch, and killing your buddy is very bad touch!! 😛

But really, I can't figure out how this happened given these two screens:

First, I saw that in the history, he had bled to death. Not a very unique situation for the difficulty I am playing at.

Dead gnomes tell no tales?

But then in my Current Nurse's Kill list…

Vinno, was a fine chap...

At least he was notable?!? I did not know this was possible. How do I prevent this?

Best Answer

According to this thread, there is three possible case.

  1. Your gnome was injured while training and bleed to death, or push the other in a river!
  2. One of your gnomes turned into a zombie and killed Vinno. Zombies keep their original name.
  3. There could be a very rare accident where, in a fight, a gnome misses and hit another gnome.

From what you describe, looks like situation 1 and 2 can be excluded. So, maybe your gnome was killed by a friendly hit, but we will probably never know as the dev vanished and looks like your combat logs got deleted. This could still be a bug tho.