Empire Earth Freezing in menu


I bought Empire Earth – Gold Edition on GOG last night, assuming that it would work on Windows 8. Every time I load in, I get maybe 30 seconds in the various menu screens, before the whole thing locks up for reasons I can't understand.

I've made sure I'm using my nVidia graphics card, not the integrated Intel one. I've installed the NeoEE patch, tried changing the rasterizer, setting it to not wait for vsync, tried compatibility settings, restarted my machine, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried running it using the 3D-Analyser, but it still just freezes on the menu screen. I tried deleting the DirectX dll files, but then it just causes the entire thing to crash when AOC is launched. Every other problem I see when searching is about graphics issues, or the game just crashing as soon as it is launched.

Please tell me there is a solution for this menu freezing. As it stands, I can't even start a game without the entire thing locking up.

Best Answer

I fixed this issue, not 100% sure exactly what was the fix, but I'll post the details of what I did so that if someone else has this issue they can try what I did to fix it.

  • Changed the Rasterizer and Wait for V-Sync options in the registry.
  • Installed the game again.
  • Installed the patches from here first then the patch from here
  • Set the V-Sync Mode in my nVidia control panel to Application Controlled, and made sure that the game was using my nVidia graphics card rather than the integrated Dell graphics card.

The menu didn't freeze up and I'm so happy that it works! Hopefully this can help someone else in my situation.

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