EPSXe is not working in Windows 8.1

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I recently built a computer for my dad to replace an aging Win. XP sp3 machine that I had built him years ago. It's a really nice little machine with the following relevant specs:

AMD A10 6790k APU
2x4gb 2133 DDR3 SDRAM
120GB Corsair Neutron SSD
2TB WD Green drive
Windows 8.1 home – sadly

So here my problem, I can't get ePSXe to work on it. This is a HUGE provlem.

Now he really does like this new computer I've built him. But he likes Brigandine so much he's considering asking me to put the old one back together just for the purpose of playing Brigandine. I really don't want to do that or try to keep it running indefinitely.

Does ANYONE know of a way to get the ePSXe emulator or any other PS1 emulator up and running in Windows 8.1?

Best Answer

You could try installing the program as win XP/7 compatible and run the program when installing with admin rights. These options can be found when right clicking the install file(if ePSXe is already installed, remove it then install it again)

I have had install and running issues with many programs (not just games) and I have found when installing anything on win 8/8.1/10 installing as compatible with admin rights gets it working most of the time (the odd time it didnt I spent 2 hours or more trying to get it to work(if it doesnt work there is most likely something insalled on the PC preventing it from working))

If you need me to go through anything just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do to help