Ether Drake Hatchling / Dragonscale Armor with Habitat


According to the wiki page

The planet it guarded, Dragon's Hoard, is a very wealthy planet with
+30 Energy and Minerals. Putting a mining station on it will eventually provide two special rewards (MTTH 600 months): Enable
researching of Tech Artificial Dragonscales, the only
Level 6 Armor. Discover a Dragon Egg and get the option to smash it
for 300 Influence or issue a special project to incubate the egg and
hatch a Young Drake. The Young Drake has between 14k and 16k fleet

My question is if you build a habitat on the Dragon's Hoard instead of a mining station, is it still possible to get the Artificial Dragonscales tech or the Ether drake?

Best Answer

No, it has to be a mining station.

But nothing is stopping you getting a habitat up once they fire.