Fallout – Dead Money DLC Perks


What are the new perks in the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas?

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From the Wiki:

  • And Stay Back: Shotguns have a chance of knocking an enemy back
  • In Shining Armor: +5 Damage threshold against energy weapons when wearing metal armor, +2 when wearing when wearing reflective eyewear.
  • Junk Rounds: You can craft ammo from scrap metal and tin cans.
  • Light Touch: While wearing light armor, you get a +5% critical chance, and your enemies get a -25% critical chance against you.
  • Old World Gourmet: +25% addiction resistance. +50% health bonus from snack foods. Scotch, vodka and wine now give you health in addition to their normal effects.
  • Heavyweight: Weapons with a weight of more than 10 is cut in half. This does not affect weapons modded to under 10 weight.