Fallout – How to utilize Dogmeat’s fetch


How does Dogmeat's fetch work (at least from the player's point of view)?

I ask because like 95% of the time I command him to fetch something (item, containers, enemies too), he doesn't find anything. Is it a radius thing and it's just really short?

I even asked him to find enemies, near enemies (like 50m), who were in plain sight, and got nothing from him.

How do I actually use it?

Please note that I'm not asking why it's there or what it is.

Best Answer

The first time I used it was in the northernmost scrapyard (where they dumped the Sentry bot) and he found me a Fatman.

Therefore, I suppose the intended use is finding all the hidden things in the world that you would miss on the first glance (and probably on the second and third as well).