Fastest method of leveling 50-60


As the title says, what gives the most experience in Rift for Storm Legion leveling? I'm currently at level 56 and would like to reach level 60 prior to the Autumn Harvest event that starts later this week. So far my main method of leveling has been running instant adventures, however I'm not sure if specific dungeons, rift hunts, pvp, etc will give more experience at a faster rate.

Does anyone know what the fastest possible method to level in game is? I know that there are people who can go 1-60 in a single weekend so I know that it's possible to go 56-60 in a matter of days.

Best Answer

The best way to level is to try to stick to the quest line in Storm Legion in my honest opinion, as it does offer a great amount of XP ( & great story too!).

But Here is a great video to follow and gather tips from as well: