Find skill books


I have found a couple of skill books that when read, leveled up my skill, one in sagecrafting and the other one in stealth.

Are the locations of skill books random? If it isn't random, where can I find all the skill books?

Best Answer

This information can be found here

Alchemy: Plains of Erathell, behind secret door near Urul Tusk

Blacksmith: Warsworn Questline, Hall of Firstsworn Forge Room

Detect Hidden: Traveler's Questline (Going Rogue, or later.)

Dispelling: House of Ballads Questline, Ballads Library

Lockpicking: Orieator's Tomb in Northern Forsaken Plain

Mercantile: Motus Mining Outpost Questlines, Located in the fully upgraded house that is given as a reward.

Persuasion: Reward for Paper Trail quest in Adessa

Sagecraft: In the well at St. Hadwyn's Mission (House of Ballads questline)

Stealth: Traveler's Questline (Going Rogue, or later.)

To answer your question, the location of the books is very much static.