Find the Toronto


Actually I am playing an old PC game called Albion which is a really great game.

I already got the SEED, a thing needed to transform the space ship Toronto, but the problem is – I can't find that ship.

I have run through all of southern Umajo to find the ship, but it isn't there.
Several walk-throughts didn't help me at that point.

Can anyone help me, please?

Best Answer

Strange at first, but the Toronto isn't actually physically on the Umajo map. You need to reach the cave, path to which Ohl shows you, and leave it through the southern exit. Then walk a bit and you'll automatically enter the ship.

You can't reach the Toronto from the southern part of Umajo. You have to return to the cave and take the southern exit (bottom of the map). If you don't know how to get there, check this map, the entrance to the cave is carved into one of those rock blocks at the bottom right.