Half Life 2 in Linux on Oculus Rift


I'm trying to play Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 in Linux on the Oculus Rift.

I have an ORv1. OS is Debian Jessie. Video card is Geforce GTX 460 SE. Drivers are 331.49.

I can play HL2 without issue in the normal way, 3d acceleration and everything, it runs really well.

OR shows up in nvidia-settings utility without issue. I can extend my desktop onto the OR, or make my main display and the OR overlap. Not sure how I should set things up for HL2 to detect the OR properly, but generally what I have tried to do is have my main desktop be 1920×1080, then have the Oculus Rift set directly to the right, with resolution set to 1280×800. Then when HL2 has launched, I set the video output to fullscreen, monitor 1. (rather than monitor 0, which is my normal desktop) But, I have also tried making my normal monitor and the rift overlap. No luck either way.

I launch HL2 with -vr as required. There is a button "activate virtual reality". When I click it, I get the following errors:

Unable to initialize HMD tracker. Error code 108
Unable to get VRMode adapter from OpenVR

The "virtual reality" option in the video settings is grayed out, but fixed on "enabled".

I have googled these a bit but have found nothing. The only thing I can think of is that there is no vendor or device name string when doing lsusb, perhaps this is causing some sort of issue:

Bus 001 Device 007: ID 2833:0001

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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