How am I supposed to figure out the ingredients for bitter-melon juice


One of the side-missions (or as they are called in-game, "substories") in Yakuza 3 has you collecting ingredients for making bitter-melon juice. Some old lady is making the juice and she tells you to bring her the following:

  • Goya – bitter melon (though this possibly appears as "Balsam Pear" in the American version of the game, based on this FAQ. Search for "Ryuukyuugai no Nanafushigi Sono4")
  • Kuruzata – brown sugar ("black sugar" in the American version)
  • Dugwai – aloe
  • Basanai – banana, you can replace it with the more expensive "island banana."
  • Lemon – well, it's a lemon, though you can replace it with a Shikwasa

The only reason I knew which word meant what is because of the FAQ I linked to. Is there any way for me to have figured this out in-game, or does the game expect me to be Japanese/look it up?

Best Answer

Technically, you're suppose to get each ingredient one by one. I believe that every time you give her a correct ingredient (assuming you have not collected them all), she'll tell you she doesn't have enough to make the juice and gives you a description of one that you are missing. (e.g. if you are missing the bananas, she'll go "Basanai, silly. You know, yellow and sweet?")

Since the shopkeeper speaks in an Okinawan dialect, it's supposed to be hard to understand what she means. Kind of like how people from the Midwest/NW (of the US) call carbonated beverages "pop," while people in the NE call them "soda," and Southerners refer to them, generically, as "coke."