How am I supposed to find puzzle boxes


I've opened 550 chests in 43 floors and have only ever seen 2 puzzle boxes to even attempt. By extrapolating that, I won't be seeing all 50 puzzle boxes until floor 1075. That seems excessive, so clearly I'm missing something. Are puzzle box appearances not random?

Best Answer

The puzzle box appearances are random. But, you may be missing some things:

For a puzzle box to appear, a mii has to:

  • Own the game regardless of tags, or
  • Have two or more tags


  • A Game owner mii gives you puzzle boxes its already completed.
  • A Non Game Owner 2+ tag mii guarantees you a new puzzle box.

To receive a puzzle box from miis, you have to:

  • Already set the mii's piece, and
  • Make a 2x2 room or bigger in the same session