How does food work in Ultima VII


I've been playing Ultima VII: The Black Gate and after a while, Iolo starts complaining every five seconds about being hungry. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to feed him. I tried picking up food and dragging it to him, but that just resulted in it being placed in his inventory.

How do I feed my party members? Do I need to feed myself? Can I tell how hungry we are or do we have to just rely on the complaining?

In short, how does food work in Ultima VII?

Best Answer

Base Game

Double click the food item and a reticule will come up. Just like using potions or bandages. Then click on someone with it.

Exult (highly recommended!)

Assuming you're running Exult, just press 'F' and a reticule will appear having selected a (?) random (?) food item from your party's storage. *

Also in Exult, 'K' will try every key you have. 'P' will use a lock pick.

You can see if they're hungry if they have a picture of a knife and fork at the bottom of their character sheet.

* Using 'F' seems to use as many items as necessary to fill them up, as IME, they always say they're full if I try to feed them again, but that could be because I always carry a sack completely full of venison.