How does the Little Sister Madness mechanic work in Dragon Star Varnir


What exactly is it that increases the Little Sisters' madness levels in Dragon Star Varnir? Picking up chests, number of battles, time spent, or what?

Best Answer

Answering my own question here because I scoured the internet for the answer before I spent 2 days running experiments to prove the answer. The definitive answer is distance traveled, and nothing else. If you walk for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the sisters will go from green to blue. Another 2:15 for blue to yellow, 4:30 to red, 6:45 to purple, and another 6:45 until they disappear. Feeding them 5 dragon meat "heals" approximately one and a half blue states, that is, about 3:30 worth of walking, though it cannot go below zero.

For a much deeper dive on this and the methodology I used to find this out, and some advice on how to mitigate this and stay below red the entire game but still get every core and chest, check here: