How does the referral system work


I don't understand how the referral program works even after reading everything about it. Do I only get the 500 CC if the referred person subscribes within 14 days, or if I just refer the person? And do I get 500 CC for every month that referred person subscribes, or is it just one time?

Best Answer

There are two types of referrals:

  1. You, as a subscriber, refer a past or present subscriber who has never been referred before. (The page says they can't have been referred within the past 90 days, but unfortunately it doesn't work if they've ever been referred period.)

  2. You, as a subscriber, refer someone who creates an entirely new F2P account with your referral link.

In my experience, #2 rarely works (the system is not very reliable). But when it does, they just get a "Jumpstart Bundle" with a few utility items.

In the case of #1, they get a "Preferred Friends Bundle" with 7 days of free sub time and some utility and cosmetic items.

As for what you get: In the case of #1 for a current sub, and in both cases if they subscribe within 14 days, you get 500 Cartel Coins (one time). For every month they subscribe after the first month, you get 100 Cartel Coins.

More details:

My profile has my referral link for anyone who wants a referral.