How good are lvl 50 amiibos are perfect shielding


I have a Kirby Amiibo with Easy Perfect Shield, Shield Mirror, and Exploading Perfect Shield. He's very difficult to hit because he times his perfect shield probably 3 in 4 times if he's on the ground and not mid-swing.

I'm considering replacing Easy Perfect Shield with a Healer Shield item. I don't know how often he shields perfectly because he's a computer vs how often he does it because he has the Easy Perfect Shield buff. I'm afraid to test it, because I don't have another Easy Perfect Shield item should he become less effective.

Can anyone give me an idea of about how often max level amiibos time their perfect shield naturally?

Best Answer

I highly suggest you switch to the other item, these Amiibos are very smart pieces of technology that develop whenever they lose or win. So if you do decide to switch, try switching to a character like Mario, or Luigi and keep pressuring them with their fireballs. Kirby will eventually learn if you take the time and patience to teach it.

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