How is the additional damage computed


So there are a number of skills that have a description like "Skill A does x dmg, some other effects. Skill A does y% additional dmg".

For example: Warden bear

Rouse a loyal grizzly to fight at your side. The grizzly's swipe deals
Magic Damage. Once summoned, you can activate Guardian's Wrath for 75
Ultimate. Causes Magic Damage and deals 100% additional damage to
targets under 25% Health. The grizzly's attacks do an additional 12%
damage. Player's Note: while switching weapons bear disappears unless
slotted on both ultimate slots

There are other skills with description like that (all sorcs pets, overload, etc.)

Now, y% from what? I'm assuming is not from its own damage because then they could've just increased the tooltip.

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