How many EVs do the Festival Plaza services give


In the Festival Plaza you can have restaurants and bouncy houses that offer services to increase the EVs of a stat you want. I'm wondering how much each option increases EVs by. It's supposed to be a controlled way to raise EVs but it doesn't give you any numbers to control it properly.

Best Answer

For the Bouncy Houses, the lowest level course gives 4 EVs to a Pokémon, doubling with each level.

  • Level 1 course: 4 EVs
  • Level 2 course: 8 EVs
  • Level 3 course: 16 EVs
  • Level 4 course: 32 EVs
  • Level 5 course: 64 EVs
  • Level 6 course: 128 EVs
  • Level 7 course: 252 EVs

Restaurant values are unknown, but from the description they should be either 16 or 32 EVs.