How to add music to Quake1


I am using Quakespasm (version 0.85.9) – 64 bit on Windows and it works very well.

I found a free music pack named quake1_music_diabolipak.pk3, which I unpacked into the folder C:\Programs\quakespasm-0.85.9_win64\ID1\sound\cdtracks which now contains track002.ogg .. track011.ogg.

But it doesn't work. The game won't play any music. I also tried with putting the pk3 file directly into ID1 folder (without extracting) but it also doesn't work.

Any idea how can I make it work?

Best Answer

They need to be in {game}/{mod}/music so move them to {game}/id1/music

ensure that the cvar bgm_extmusic is set to 1 and that you are not using the command line option -noextmusic

Typing music <filename> at the console will play a specific music file.


(note that in the document above they cite the track names as track02.ogg (2-column numbers with a single leading 0). This might mean your file will not load automatically, I don't know.)