How to beat Azazel in Tekken 6


I'm trying to beat Azazel, in Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3. Is there a secret to beating him? Does he have any weaknesses? I'm playing with Christie Monteiro.

Best Answer

I believe your best bet is to use a jump kick to knock him down, then back away a little bit. If you don't back up, his attack upon teleporting will hit you and chop of quite a chunk of your health. Detailed description on this method is at the third post. This method will take some practice I believe, but it's a good way of going at it.

Or you could try to defend his attacks and when he has completed his attacks: hit him. Keep doing this until he is gone. (As said in the first post of the link above).

You could also set the round limit to 1 if you haven't already done so. That way, if you manage to beat him you won't have to do it once more.

Hope this helps!