How to best raise your sec status in Eve


So I'm getting back into Eve-Online after a hiatus. My sec status is low as a result of my previous activities, so entering high-sec gets me shot at by the NPCs. I'd like to raise my sec status, as I want to get into a different aspect of the game than I was in before. What is the best way to rapidly raise sec status? Grinding rats in low-sec? 0.0? Are there still areas of 0.0 that are not "NBSI" that might be safe(r) to rat in?

Best Answer

The best thing to do is go to 0.0 to get the best gains, i've done this many times. You also need to train the 'Fast Talk' skill to get better gains for killing npcs.

Because there is a sec raise timer every time you kill something this means that you can only gain a sec raise every 15 minutes in one system, that is why you move between them.

  1. Find two (or more) joining 0.0 systems with plenty of belts.
  2. Warp to the belts looking for battleships only.
  3. Kill a battleship and LEAVE the other ships. (your sec timer starts)
  4. Move to to adjoining system.
  5. goto 2.
  6. After 15 minutes you can return to the original system to get another sec raise.

Now you're wondering why you kill only battleships and leave the other smaller ships? This is because leaving the others make battleships spawn faster so there is always something to kill or else you can wipe out whole systems of rats before they re-spawn. Also if when doing this you notice that the rats are taking ages to spawn, there will probably be an officer npc spawn which when killed gives very valuable drops.

Doing this method took about a week (5 to 6 hrs a day) to go from -10.0 to -1.8. I did it in a Drake and used about 20,000 heavy missiles.

NOTE: when in 0.0 be on guard, people will try and kill you!