How to build a magma-safe floodgate in Dwarf Fortress


I'm having difficulty doing this. I have access to things that are supposedly magma-safe, such as Alunite but when I try to build a floodgate using my Metalsmith's Forge, Alunite is not on the list of materials I can use to make it. I can't see any way to smelt it either. I think I have another few stone types that are magma safe as well, but they are not on the list either. What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

The problem is that you don't make rock things at the Metalsmith's Forge. To build it out of rock, go to your Mason's Workshop and add a floodgate(l). This will only construct a general rock floodgate though. To make sure that it's made out of Alunite, you should see this question.