How to buy Legendary Pictographs from Lenzo


So Lenzo will not give me the dialogue option to buy any Legendary Pictographs, no matter what phase the moon is in.

I have already beaten the game, and am playing on the Second Quest profile (the one where you start out with the Deluxe Pictobox). In my first profile, he offers them to me fine when I talk to him at night. When I talk to him on my second profile, however, he just says something about me being his assistant. He gives me a different dialogue option when I show a pictograph to him, but nothing about buying Legendaries from him.

EDIT: I tried even doing the Pictobox quests for the people around Windfall on my second profile, but still no change. Also, I am playing the Wind Waker HD.

Best Answer

One of the requirements is that you must have encountered the character in the story before Lenzo will offer their pictograph. After that, you should be able to buy them like normal.